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Gypsy dancer raising hands bronze statue

This beautiful gypsy dancer is moving gracefully while her skirt twirls through the air. The small bronze statue is beautiful in both color and detail, making it a significantly beneficial piece of art for any room where beauty is wanted. The artist uses a process of enameling over bronze, to create the powerful colored clothing Size: 10″L x 6″W x 25″H. Weight is: 5Lb

Stampede by Remington bronze statue

Frederic Remington 1909 replica, Stampede, depicts the trouble a cowboy can find himself in on the trail. This bronze sculpture recreates a scene of a determined cowboy on horseback attempting to handle a trio of stampeding bulls. The Stampede was Remington last sculpture. The model was completed in late 1909 just before the artist was struck with appendicitis. Frederic Remington died in December of that year, before the first cast was made. This replica is cast in the traditional Lost Wax Process with magnificent patina finishes that are hand-applied highlights that create natural variations in texture and color. The sculpture is then hand-rubbed to bring out the awesome detail and highlights. Cast in bronze and mounted on a high-quality marble base with an etched brass plate with the incredible detail. Size: 30″L x 17″W x 15″H. Weight is: 78Lb

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